Waffles Workshop 2.0


Do you want to learn How to make Perfect & Delicious Waffles from Scratch? (Waffle Maker Not Required & No Fancy Ingredients Needed)

Sevens Diner is here with the Most On-Demand Class on Waffles, where you will learn how to make Perfect Waffles from home with Easily Available Ingredients.

What Will You Learn?
1. Red Velvet Cream Cheese Waffle
2. Orange Cream Cheese Waffle
3. Butterscotch Crunch Waffle

Key Takeaways
1. Serving in Different Ways
2. Accompaniments
3. Selling Waffles Commercially
4. Pricing, Packaging & Storing
5. Fillings & Variations
6. Making Waffle without Machine
7. Continuous QnA
8. Easy & Foolproof Recipes
9. Customize your Own Waffle
10. Plating & Presentation
11. Cost-Effective & Easily Available Ingredients

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Detailed PDF Notes
3. Exclusive Whatsapp Group for Queries


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