Sizzler Master Class


Sevens Diner is back with an Exciting Class on Sizzlers, where you will learn the Recipes and Techniques in 7+ Unique Sizzlers which involves 14+ Amazing and Delicious Recipes. It will be a Completely Hands-On & Practical Workshop.

What Will You Learn

1. Mexican Paneer Shashlik
(Items In Mexican Paneer)
1. Pesto Paneer Sticks
2. Basil Cilantro Rice
3. Piri Piri Fries
4. Mexican Beans
5. Red Hot Sizzler Sauce
6. Herbed Butter Corn
7. Sautéed Veggies

2. Chilly Paneer Sizzler
(Items In Chilly Paneer)
1. Chilly Paneer
2. Veg Fried Rice
3. Stir Fry Veggies
4. Grilled Tomatoes
5. Honey Chilli Fries
6. Garlic And Butter Sauce

3. Cheesy Mushroom Sizzler
(Items In Cheesy Mushroom)
1. Cheesy Mushrooms
2. Grilled Veggies
3. Drunken Noodles
4. Barbeque Sauce

4. Tandoori Paneer Sizzler
(Items In Tandoori Paneer)
1. Tandoori Paneer
2. Masala Fries
3. Stuffed Capsicum
4. Makhni Sauce
5. Tawa Pulao

5. Grilled Paneer Shawarma
(Items In Grilled Paneer Shawarma)
1. Grilled Paneer Shawarma
2. Vegetables In Lebanese Spices
3. Saffron Pilaf
4. Smoked Pepper Sauce

6. Crispy Potato Sizzler
(Items In Crispy Potato)
1. Crispy Potato Patty With
2. Olive Tapenade
3. Lemon Glazed Veggies
4. Thyme And Rosemary Rice In
5. Herbed Sauce

1. Punjabi Special
2. Hot Chocolate Stirrers
3. Festive Cooking Workshop
4. Pizza Crostini
5. Besan Burfi
6. Free Workshop
7. Red Velvet Brownie Sizzler

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Detailed PDF Notes
3. Exclusive Whatsapp Group for Queries
4. Access On Any Device


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