DimSums Class


Do you want to learn how to make Perfect, Soft & Delicious Dim Sums at Home?

Sevens Diner is here with an Exciting Class on Dim Sums, where you will learn the Complete Recipes and Techniques in Making Perfect Dim Sums at Home from Scratch, with Easily Available Ingredients!

What Will You Learn?
1. Making the Dough
2. Crystal Dumplings
3. Spring Onion and Chilli Sauce
4. Parsley and Cilantro Sauce
5. Chilli and Soy Sauce
6. Garlic Sauce
7. Ricotta and Spinach Dumpling
8. Basil and Cream Cheese Dumplings
9. Celery, and Shiitake Pan-Fried Gyoza
10. Tandoori Momos
11. Jade Roll with Garlic Sauce

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Detailed PDF Notes
3. Exclusive Whatsapp Group for Queries


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